Now a multi-billion-dollar powerhouse, affiliate marketing is a global industry table stakes for any e-commerce business hoping for sustainable growth. At its heart is a pay-for-performance, adaptive advertising model empowering millions of consumers to make better purchasing decisions every day. Companies can use the channel to build their own advertising ecosystems, creating a galaxy of revenue drivers across almost every media touchpoint. Affiliate marketing can make you rich, but it won't happen overnight, and it's not a fast process. The top tier of affiliate marketers, known as "super affiliates," often spend years building an audience to earn six-figure salaries.

According to Statista, affiliate marketing spending in the U.S. alone is expected to reach $8.2 billion by 2022, more than triple what it was 10 years earlier. Globally, it was estimated in the Awin Report that advertisers invested $13 billion in affiliate marketing in 2017. These numbers together with the consistent upward trend demonstrate that affiliate marketers will likely continue to thrive in the 2020s and beyond.

affiliate marketing industry report

Breaking down this stat shows that almost 2 out of 5 eCommerce sales in the world happen because of successful affiliate marketers. BloggingX reveals that 40 percent of marketers worldwide consider affiliate marketing a crucial skill to learn. For anyone hoping to build an online career, marketers believe that affiliate marketing is a must-have. Other essential skills to consider learning are mobile marketing as well as digital strategy. “However, increasing use of affiliate marketing for influencing decisions, and integration of online and offline channels would drive such companies to invest more in affiliate marketing programmes.

Affiliate marketers in the travel industry have the opportunity to promote vacation deals to an upper income audience that’s itching to travel. The country is home to Rakuten, a leading affiliate marketing company. Whether you’re driving traffic through SEO, or social media, building an audience that trusts you takes time, consistency, and frequency of posting. But in 2021, Google also rolled out three core updates, in June, July, and November. According to Semrush, the health and real estate niches experienced the highest rank volatility from these core updates, and there was substantially more volatility on mobile SERPs than desktop.

affiliate marketing industry report

As per Google Trends, the worldwide search interest for "affiliate marketing" has not only been growing but accelerating since 2020. Instead, interest kept climbing, hitting all-time high scores in 2023. The growth pace mirrors the rising importance of digital income streams in recent years. Key moments include a spike to a score of 57 in May 2021, an impressive 73 during the last week of December 2022, and an unprecedented score of 100 in the first week of 2023. The trend is clear - affiliate marketing has cemented its place as a prominent income-generating strategy in our digital economy. They had enticed thousands of consumers to pay as much as $60,000 for MOBE “mentoring” services, using false claims and misleading testimonials.

Up next is travel ($21), retail ($12), media and entertainment ($9), and telecommunications ($5). Business owners can take advantage of curated audiences, and save thousands on creating marketing assets in-house. A Partner Marketing Manager at Supermetrics, Johannes focuses on expanding the Supermetrics partner program and collaborating with their existing partners.

affiliate marketing industry report

Microsites are branded pages (or a single page) that are separate from your main website. These sites provide another avenue with which you can offer detailed information and a sales pitch for affiliate products. Since they're separate from your main website, you can offer a more targeted, relevant message that's free from the distractions that usually come with a traditional website. Influencer marketing for affiliate sales can take many different forms like live videos, product reviews, account takeovers, and more.

  • This will help you monitor the number of brand mentions you receive and how frequently you receive them as influencers promote your brand more and more across numerous social media channels.
  • One of the largest affiliate networks, Awin, reports that its affiliates earned a combined $1.3 billion in affiliate commissions last year.
  • Reports from a poll conducted by Affise where affiliate marketers were asked how much they made yearly revealed that most affiliate marketers earn less than expected.
  • The top 3 traffic sources for these affiliate product categories include SEO (69%), social networks (67%), and blogging (64%).

As the ad says, this is not your father’s vehicle, nor is it your mother’s. Our partner marketing belongs to the new generation of marketers driving their companies further than ever thought possible. While there may be more male publishers than female publishers, the analyzing affiliate statistics same doesn’t apply to those employed as online affiliate marketing managers. They found that 75.8% of the Affiliate Marketing Managers surveyed were female, compared to just 23.2% male. Interest in affiliate marketing has grown considerably over the last few years.

This makes visibility in the search results crucial for affiliate marketers. Especially, if you consider that these users already have a high purchase intent. According to a Forrester report commissioned by Rakuten, 81% of advertisers and 84% of publishers use affiliate marketing.

And it’s worth noting that an overwhelming majority of affiliates never generate any sales. In all affiliate programs and networks, a small percentage of the affiliates end up driving almost all sales. Another indication of the transition from coupon-focused affiliate marketing to a more serious marketing channel is the increased share of commissions earned by content affiliate marketers.

It's important to pick products that match your niche and pick products that you are passionate about. Affiliate marketing continues its growth trajectory, solidifying its reputation as a lucrative global industry. The Performance Marketing Association's report highlighted a remarkable 47% industry growth from 2018 to the end of 2021, demonstrating how integral it has become for many retailers. Although most people were in that last category, the most persistent ones would eventually reach the higher payment levels. Marketers cannot expect affiliate partners to drive demand and prioritize their brand if they are not bringing the same value to the table.

The report focuses on the Affiliate market size, segment size (mainly covering product type, application, and geography), competitor landscape, recent status, and development trends. Furthermore, the report provides strategies for companies to overcome threats posed by COVID-19. Technological innovation and advancement will further optimize the performance of the product, enabling it to acquire a wider range of applications in the downstream market.

Global affiliate marketing statistics show that the industry is currently estimated to be worth $12 billion. Another proof that affiliate marketing is becoming a massive global industry is that digital media have no problem allocating 15% of their revenue for it. Many small businesses lack the financial resources to invest in online marketing effectively.

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