With demand growing, The Seam will use the fund to train and upskill more makers across the UK. Launched earlier this year, the Xero Beautiful Business Fund seeks to help Xero's small business customers boost their growth plans and drive future success. More than 5,500 applications were received from Xero customers across Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, the United States and the United Kingdom. A streamlined project management app for smaller businesses, from sole practitioner to mid-size.

Applications opened on 23 August and ran for six weeks, closing 6 October. To enter, applicants needed to submit a 90-second pitch video sharing details of their business, the category they were applying in and their plans to use the funding. Regional winners were chosen by a regional judging panel composed of local business and industry leaders, Xero accounting and bookkeeping partners and Xero employees, for a total of 28 winners. A global judging panel made up of global business and industry leaders, technology experts and Xero executives, then selected one global winner in each category from the 28 regional winners. Managers can use WOKRetc’s connectors to integrate it with Xero.


It also allows them to send custom invoices generated based on time and expense entries. Pairing good accounting software with a comprehensive project management solution is the smartest and fastest way to improve business operations. Project management tools help you improve planning, speed up project delivery, and gain additional insights into the most vital aspects of your business. Thankfully, Xero integrates seamlessly with a number of project and work management tools that can complete that puzzle for you. It can be easily integrated with Xero, allowing companies to streamline their project management. This integration helps managers create invoices based on time-tracking data or line items.

Once integrated, companies sync data between BQE Core and Xero and map data records. This helps businesses streamline their time billing, accounting, and invoicing, resulting in improved project management. It comes equipped with basic and advanced Xero integration that helps companies connect and streamline invoicing. When integrated, it allows organizations to ensure that any new changes or additions to clients and invoices made in Avaza are automatically updated in Xero. This streamlined process helps businesses save time and improve invoicing efficiency.

  • It comes with a customizable API that businesses can use to integrate the software with Xero.
  • This aids managers in cutting costs and doubling project efficiency.
  • Project management tools help you improve planning, speed up project delivery, and gain additional insights into the most vital aspects of your business.
  • Streamtime is a project management software for creative businesses.
  • This ensures that invoices in both Bitrix24 and Xero are in sync and updated automatically when modified.

It also helps supervisors share invoices among ProWorkflow and Xero with clicks and allows them to track and monitor invoice status. Whether you’re planning projects, capturing time and costs, sending invoices, or monitoring progress, the right project management software is essential. No matter your business size or industry, Xero has you covered. Scoro is a comprehensive work management software designed to help service businesses manage all types of projects from quote to invoice. Business owners get access to real-time reports that help them actively monitor profitability and understand resource utilization levels. The Xero Beautiful Business Fund was first announced during Xero Day, Xero’s founding day celebrations, on 6 July this year.

Gusto payroll plays nice with Xero

Estimate project costs
Build accurate budgets by breaking down projects into tasks and estimating time and expenses. Compare Xero’s two online project management apps and see which one best fits your needs. Snap and submit expenses or mileage claims anytime, anywhere with Xero Expenses and assign them to a project to recover the costs. On their long journey to the bountiful shore which would later become the Harbor, the first Korso settlers traveled across the vast steppes with little more than the clothes on their back. Along the way, they were sustained by the humble Lantern Fruit. During the first blackouts, the fruit’s bioluminescence guided travelers through the darkness and to safety and served as a source of comforting light to families huddling in their newly built homes.

See how to monitor projects in one place

Constantia Food Club aims to support local regenerative farmers to help reduce biodiversity loss, promote sustainable food production and create a decentralised food system. They plan to use the fund to help build a new clubhouse, where they can serve more customers and provide additional support to growers and their local environment. Access all Xero features for 30 days, then decide which plan best suits your business. Plus keep track of costs and profitability with project and job tracker software. Manage workflow from quote to invoice while tracking time and costs. Improve project budgeting and gain critical insights into your business.

returning seasonal fruit:

We Care Connect, a charity and volunteer organization from Australia’s Central Coast and Hunter region, is the global winner in the ‘Strengthening community connection’ category. We Care Connect tackles childhood poverty in their local region by rehoming quality preloved children’s essentials with families who need them most, helping to positively impact the lives of an estimated 30,000 kids. This prize will fund the purchase of critical items that are rarely donated like newborn car seats, nappies, cot mattresses and more. See how Scoro can help deliver projects and improve your profitability. Create professional quotes in minutes
Customise your quotes including a breakdown of estimated costs. Your customers can accept the quote with the click of a button.

The fruit’s husk came in handy as the travelers constructed their new dwellings, and could be fashioned into various tools and containers. And of course, its pulp was simmered into savory stews and all sorts of dishes—when the fruit wasn’t simply being eaten raw, that is. Some scholars mompreneurs argue that without this useful and easy-to-grow food source, the fledgling civilization of Harbor would have succumbed to famine in those first few harrowing years. With the availability of other materials, many practical uses for the gourd have since fallen out of common practice.

Each account's Index is a log of the animals you have researched and this Index will come into play for future game elements on the site. The Research Note Exchange shop has been added to this event to help alleviate the concern of getting a duplicate of something that cannot be traded. National, intergenerational charity The Together Project brings communities together to reduce loneliness and tackle disadvantage.

Collect some plants to press (Fresh flowers and leaves work best) OR collect mushrooms to grab their spore prints! Remember to collect your materials sustainably and respectfully. Commemorate the wonderful colors of the season by collecting fallen leaves. These are usually gathered around Carnival time and often pressed and used as decorations around the home. Strung together or pressed for display, it’s a wonderful tradition to preserve a little bit of autumn. The four global winners will each receive NZ$70,000 (or equivalent).

Xero Projects is an easy-to-use job tracking tool that will help you reduce the frustration of tracking time and expenses against jobs. It makes it simple to quote for work, manage invoices and monitor job profitability, all in one place. And, you can be confident the numbers add up with your project financials seamlessly integrated to the single ledger in Xero. It empowers businesses with built-in integrations, helping them connect with third-party tools like Xero. This integration helps companies manage expenses more effectively and allows them to increase profitability.

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